What’s so great about facilities maintenance software?

Data2Base lets you securely run property maintenance and management software over the Internet without having to buy, install, or manage any hardware.  Just open your web browser, login, and start working today.

Always up-to-date

Software upgrades can be complicated, costly, and risky. Our cloud automatically upgrades your software for free every week.

Reduce your costs

The cloud eliminates upfront hardware costs, provides free upgrades, and all software maintenance is done by us.

Fits any budget

There’s no upfront investment in licenses or hardware. You pay a simple, monthly subscription fee which you can cancel at any time.

Mobile like you

Anytime, anywhere access on any mobile device. Whether that’s your favourite smartphone or tablet we’ve got you covered.

Empower your maintenance team!

The #1 Cloud Management System.

Scheduling tasks

As a team starts to schedule preventive maintenance they need a reliable work calendar. Data2Base is especially good at scheduling recurring work and sending reminders to the right people. Organized scheduling helps even out the workload for a maintenance team making sure that tasks do not get forgotten.

Work orders

Maintenance managers can describe the problem, and assign a specific technician to do the work. When the maintenance is fixed, the responsible contractor marks the work-order “complete” and the manager gets notified that the work is done.

Audit and certification

We keep an unchangeable record of every action, so a property maintenance history can be audited. This is useful in case of an accident or insurance claim – an inspector can verify if the proper maintenance was completed on a building.

Management reports

Forget the coin toss and start making insightful decisions today. Our solution puts powerful data at your fingertips with professional reports. Schedule regular reports and automatically email them to portfolio managers. Use the dashboard to quickly see key performance indicators.

Easily organize , track, and schedule maintenance today!

Faster. Better. For Less.

Email/ Sms

Auto compile email/sms notifications to all parties so everybody is in the loop.

Progress tracking

Maintenance managers can easily see all outstanding maintenance orders on one dashboard. Instantly track the progress of each maintenance order.


Assign multiple maintenance jobs to contractors with one click.

Insurance claim integration

Cloud based complete insurance claims management system that support a number of Insurance Companies.

The go-to cloud maintenance software

Loved by property managers, trusted by IT