Quick & Easy Inspection Reports That Property Owners Love!

Data2Base lets you inspect properties, create reports & deliver them using your smart phone or tablet

iPhone or Android

Inspectors can easily perform inspections with Data2Base using any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

With Unlimited Devices available for each of our property inspection solutions, everyone in your office can become a value adding property inspector!

Custom Templates

Commercial, residential, HOA, maintenance—create a custom report template and checklist for each property. This assures that your inspectors always collect the exact information that is important to you and your property owners.

Amazing Features

We believe in making even the most complicated features simple and accessable for companies of all sizes.

We not only offer industry 1st features like; Video Capability, Electronic Signatures and reports delivered by links rather than attachments, we also make them incredibly easy to use.

Proven Results

Data2Base property inspection software has been proven to save up to 75% of the time spent on property inspections and reports and it’s been proven to capture more detail during property inspections and produce more consistant reports that protect you and your clients when inevitable bad stuff happens.

We work where you work!

Mobile access, anytime, anywhere

No More Spreadsheets

Forget the coin toss and start making insightful decisions today. Our solution puts powerful data at your fingertips with professional reports. Schedule regular reports and automatically email them to portfolio managers. Use the dashboard to quickly see key performance indicators.

Audit and certification

We keep an unchangeable record of every action, so a property maintenance history can be audited. This is useful in case of an accident or insurance claim – an inspector can verify if the proper maintenance was completed on a building.

Contact Details

View tenant details onsite so you can greet them with confidence. You can also call or text them from within the application.

Sign Your Inspections

Add inspector and tenant signatures to your Move In / Move Out inspection reports from the Data2Base mobile application.

Looking for the best inspection software?

The choice is simple.

Not just an app

Data2Base is a system that works across all your devices, sharing information and distributing it to your landlord and tenant.

Custom Management Reports

Generate custom, printable PDF reports of your inspections and photos for tenants, owners, and vendors.

Dropbox Integration

Save all your Inspection photos and reports to your Dropbox account.

Secure and Backed Up

All of your full-resolution photos, notes, and inspections are saved and backed up on our secure server.

Easily organize , track, and schedule inspections today!

Faster. Better. For Less.